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I'm a Senior Tech Lead with almost nine years of industry experience building Java and Spring Boot applications. In addition to my OCPJP certification, I hold a Master's in Computer Science (Distinction) and a Bachelor's in Engineering (Honors with a gold medal for highest performance). My emphasis has been building scalable distributed applications for cloud-native architectures focusing on FinTech applications. I specialize in Java and Spring Boot with the occasional exposure to Python for machine learning. My notable achievements include extensive legacy modernization to improve the reliability and scalability of the systems while reducing operational costs and optimizing the performance of high-throughput, low-latency applications, sometimes up to tenfold.

In addition to providing technical leadership to a cross-functional team and interacting with diverse internal and external teams at a CMMi Version 2, Level 3 organization, I also played a crucial role in defining and managing organizational processes related to development.

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Nibras Ahamed Reeza
Kolonnawa 10600, Sri Lanka
(+94) 77 9966375
[email protected]

Work Experience

GTN Tech


GTN Tech is a subsidiary of GTN Group, providing software development services to GTN's global trading operations across its subsidiaries in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. GTN Tech is also certified for CMMi Version 2.0, Level 3 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Senior Tech Lead • April 2022 to date
Tech Lead • April 2021 to April 2022

Throughout my journey as a Senior Technical Lead, I've found immense fulfillment in not only navigating the complex technical landscape but also in fostering a collaborative and innovative environment within my teams. Early on, my role involved delivering technical training and providing one-on-one mentoring to new team members, ensuring a smooth assimilation into the Java-centric ecosystem. One of my proudest achievements was transforming a Spring Boot and Hibernate application into a robust CRUD-enabled framework with CQRS support, significantly slashing the time required for entity additions. In the realm of security, I took the lead in designing and implementing a fault-tolerant, distributed JWT-based authentication system, bolstering our defenses.

As my journey progressed, I embraced the challenges of modernization. I spearheaded the migration of our near-real-time data flow to AWS MSK, championing the adoption of cloud-native services like Aurora, S3, and DocumentDB. Decomposing legacy components into modern microservices, I prioritized SOLID principles, bringing agility and scalability to our applications. A standout accomplishment was developing a proprietary Oracle to PostgreSQL data replication system, navigating challenges with finesse during the migration process.

In my current role, leading a dynamic cross-functional Agile/SCRUM team, I wear multiple hats. From training interns and new hires to providing ongoing mentorship, my focus remains on empowering individuals to reach their full potential. A technological adventurer at heart, I'm currently experimenting with cutting-edge solutions, including the integration of ChatGPT for automating fuzzy logic and exploring alternative scaling approaches for Solr. As I continue to lead by example, foster collaboration, and contribute to the evolution of our technical landscape, I find boundless excitement in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Senior Software Engineer • October 2019 to April 2021

Diving into my role, I shaped algorithms for real-time buy/sell signals across 15+ technical indicators in the US markets. Stepping into a pivotal moment, I seamlessly integrated real-time monitoring into our back-end, steering front-end development through uncharted waters.

A defining achievement was formulating a Peer Review process crucial for our CMMi Level 3 recertification. As the Spring Boot ambassador, I streamlined processes, transforming endpoint implementation from hours to minutes.

Navigating Java complexities, I troubleshooted and optimized applications, achieving a 1000% throughput boost for a TIP feed-parser. Connectivity to EuroNext Optiq brought intricate protocols, including Line Arbitration, Loss Detection, and Recovery.

In the daily grind, I wore multiple hats—implementing changes and bug fixes for our complex system orchestra. Guided by Agile/SCRUM principles and Object-Oriented Programming, I played various roles like developer, QA tester, and scrum master. Orchestrating code reviews, I ensured growth and smooth sailing through highly distributed systems. Navigating REST, SOAP, and financial data streams, my days were a mixtape of challenges and triumphs in the tech symphony.



DirectFN, a subsidiary of National Technology Group of Saudi Arabia is a FinTech solutions provider with focus on MENA markets and a presence in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirate, Sri Lanka and Pakistan with more than two decades of experience in providing whitelabel trading and financial content solutions.

Senior Software Engineer • April 2018 to October 2019
Software Engineer • April 2016 to April 2018
Associate Software Engineer • April 2015 to April 2016

Embarking on my journey as an Associate Software Engineer from April 2015 to April 2016, I made waves by implementing a Javassist-based Stock Price Alert module, surpassing expectations within days. I delved into legacy components, crafting a Black Box testing framework tailored for units that resisted conventional testing methods. My expertise extended to enhancing the DirectFN NewGen Framework, leveraging LMAX Disruptor and Inversion of Control.

Transitioning to the role of a Software Engineer from April 2016 to April 2018, I took the reins in developing custom JSON decoding, FTP, HTTP, and ORM modules for the DirectFN NewGen Framework. Adding to the repertoire, I created an ODM module to dynamically manage Solr schemas, designed a custom caching proxy MVP for a high-traffic site, and crafted a real-time application generating aggregated chart candles for US markets. My versatility shone as I scripted bash applications for seamless installations, supported interns in implementing a monitoring system, and seamlessly integrated with exchanges using FIX and TIP protocols.

Stepping into the shoes of a Senior Software Engineer from April 2018 to October 2019, I integrated Morning Star FinTech APIs, spearheaded the development of an MVP, and led the backend monitoring system's implementation. My role extended to conducting technical interviews, setting up an offshore development center, and troubleshooting memory issues while optimizing Java applications using VisualVM and EclipseMAT. Navigating diverse systems, I implemented changes and bug fixes, utilized various transmission protocols, including REST, FIX, and SOAP/XML, and contributed to the development of proprietary binary protocols.

These chapters in my professional story showcase a dynamic journey, marked by innovation, problem-solving, and a commitment to excellence in software engineering.



Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer November 2013

I am familiar with a number of programming languages and confident in a selected few but I consider myself to be most proficient in Java. This certification ascertains that I understand concepts and techniques related to Java. Complete list of topics I was tested for is available from Oracle .

Staffordshire University

Master of Science in Computer Science (Business Computing)  August 2023

I learnt variety of computing and IT concepts via this degree. Conducted at an institution with intense emphasis on hands-on experience and problem based learning, performance was assessed primarily from projects which required researching, learning new concepts and applying them to satisfy the specifications.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Computing Science  April 2015

I learnt variety of computing and IT concepts via this degree. Conducted at an institution with intense emphasis on hands-on experience and problem based learning, performance was assessed primarily from projects which required researching, learning new concepts and applying them to satisfy the specifications.

Concepts I learnt included network design & administration, database design & administration, development methodologies such as SSADM, Agile and RUP. I also learnt to develop and test software artifacts in Java, JSP and C#/ASP.net. Specific emphasis was placed on requirements analysis and testing, teaching us that a working solution is not necessarily an acceptable solution.

I also learnt soft skills such as presentation skills and team skills. As almost half of the projects involved teams, I learnt to interact with fellow members professionally and establish rapport within a matter of days and leading them where necessary.

The degree concluded with a final year project which required selecting a relatively unfamiliar topic & studying the domain, analyzing the requirements to produce a functioning artifact within 36 weeks.

TEC Sri Lanka

Certificate in Computer Literacy 2004

This was my first formal course in computing. Although the topics I learnt here included very basics such as word processing and internet usage, it attests my profound interest and passion for computers which started at a very young age.


Motorola/SLASSCOM Innovations Championship '13

Finalist February 2014

Annually Motorola with SLASSCOM conducts an incubator like competition for teams of undergraduates from Sri Lanka. Participants are required to propose an innovative tech solution for an existing problem. From which sixteen of the best are chosen for the final round where assisted by guidance from a Motorola employee and a liaison from participating institution, teams are required to develop a complete prototype for the proposed solution. Unlike academic projects and competitions, since solutions are to solve a real-world issue, students are required to work together with prospective clients to develop the solution.

In our case, we proposed a digital log book for Archaeologists that runs on Android platform which is meant to be used by Archaeologists in-situ at archaeological sites and museums. Data gathered by the archaeologist is entered in an Android device skipping traditional paper forms leading to instant digitization. These data are synchronized to a central database. However, unlike other specialized information systems, our system possessed an innovative third component, a website targeted for tourists and general public that provides a digest of information stored in central information system providing means to improve awareness and promote archaeotourism by providing access to information that were not easily accessible such as driving directions, nearby lodging facilities and more importantly sites and monuments that most people would not be aware of.

diGIT-IdeaMart Competition '13

Finalist October 2013

Dialog announced the new IdeaMart development platform which allows developers to create solutions utilizing their SMS and USSD menu service that could be used by almost all Dialog users. Unlike Android and iOS applications, SMS and USSD applications do not require a smart-phone. Except for a small fraction of phones (such as the ones mean for children and the elderly), every phone supports SMS and USSD.

In order to promote this platform, digIT announced a competition where people had to propose ideas of application which are offered via these mediums. Selected ideas were taken to the next round where the competitor was required to develop a functioning solution within a few days. In the third and final round, these applications were judged based on several criteria such as innovation and usefulness. In the final round, top ten applications were selected (out of the hundreds that entered the second round) and were awarded certifications. Deal$ Feed, an application developed by me similar to the Deal$ Feed for Blackberry Tablet 2.0 (again, developed by me) was among the top ten that were selected. This application provided alerts of new deals aggregated from multiple deal sites via a central medium.

Blackberry Developer Program '12

Participant March 2012

I have published a two apps targeted for Blackberry Tablet using the Android Runtime which were accepted for distribution in Blackberry App World. RIM gifted me a Blackberry Playbook 2.0 in recognition of my work. However, these applications are no longer maintained since the platform has been phased out. Click yaxim or Deal$ Feed to learn more or try each of my apps.


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  • SQL
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  • Cisco Networking
  • Agile
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